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How To Trim Your Mustache The RIGHT Way

When beards fell out of fashion in Europe in the late 17th century, the mighty mustache rose to power! Mustaches were originally the solution for men who wanted to sport facial hair of some kind without the dedication of a full beard, especially during the rule of Russian Tsar Peter the Great who instituted his infamous “beard tax.”

Nowadays, rocking a stache is a fairly common practice, especially among those who enjoy amping up their style. Whether that means growing a full beard with a stache, rocking a stache alone, or pairing the stache with a goatee or other specialized facial hairstyle.

Well, due to the returning popularity of the mustache, we thought it would be a great idea to explain the RIGHT way to trim and groom your mustache!

So, before we move on a-trimmin’, Check out this video where Scott goes through and demonstrates all the steps himself in this Volt Video!

Step 1: Grab The Right Tools

Tools Mustache

A mustache is a fairly small and distinctly shaped part of your facial hair. Not to mention it rests right on top of the extremely sensitive skin next to your nose and mouth. Choosing the wrong tool that can adapt to these factors will either result in an uneven trim or give you a difficult time maneuvering the tool in the way you need to properly trim your hair.

The best tool you can use to trim your stache is a small pair of scissors with a fairly sharp tip (for precision), but not so sharp that it can poke or harm your skin as you use them. A small pair of grooming or hair-styling scissors will work perfectly.

Step 2: Get The Right ANGLE

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This is the tricky part. When you sweep your scissors across the top of your lip to trim the stray or overhanging hairs, you want to be sure that you are angling the scissors downwards (the outer blade should be pointed downwards towards your bottom lip).

This makes sure that you aren’t trimming the hairs that are on the upper part of your top lip prematurely and causing your mustache to look poorly blended into the rest of your beard or unfinished. Check out the video by clicking the button above for a demonstration!

Step 3: Train Your Mustache With Product

Voltwaxopen Web

Training your mustache is about using your favorite beard or mustache grooming product to keep your hairs in line…literally! Preferably, the product that you use will give your beard/mustache hair enough of a hold to keep those hairs in place, which will eventually train the hair to grow in that same direction, making the mustache more naturally manageable over time.

For a super strong hold to keep your mustache locked in place, we recommend some kind of mustache wax, like Volt Sculpt Wax. A wax is preferred to things like balms because balms tend to dissipate more quickly and don’t provide quite as much of a hold as dedicated hairstyling waxes do. Waxes are used to accomplish the distinguished “handlebar” mustache look, just for reference!

Overall, trimming your mustache the right way is about having the right tools, using the right techniques to ensure that your mustache is consistent with your style, and training the hairs in your mustache to stay put exactly where you want them to be.

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