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How To Tame A Messy Beard With Volt’s Utility Beard Brush

If you saw this (See Picture Below) you’d probably be inclined to think it was just a normal brush. And you wouldn’t be wrong but you also wouldn’t be exactly right. This is a beard-dedicated utility brush, and the tool we’re going to use to both exfoliate, hydrate, and style our beards!

Utility Brush

You see, there’s a little more to this brush than meets the eye. So today, we’re going to use this special brush to manage and maintain a wild beard! If you’re like most beardsman, chances are you wake up with flyaways galore and you need some way to manage them. This is where having a dedicated beard styling brush and some high quality beard balm/beard wax comes into play.

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Why Use A Beard Brush?

Dedicated beard brushes are getting more and more popular as people recognize the benefits of them. In fact, not just any brush can do, this is why it is important that your brushes are beard-focused.

A beard-focused brush is going to do a few key things that not any standard hair brush does:

1. Beard Brushes Exfoliate

Beard brushes have to exfoliate and brush away debris, not only from the hair, but also from the skin underneath. This is why it’s important to find a brush that provides natural boar bristles. Boar bristles are stiff enough to dig through dense and tough beard hair to reach the skin, but not stiff enough to scratch or harm the skin it will be cleaning.

2. Beard Brushes Spread Moisture

Your skin secretes oils that keep your beard strong and healthy, just like your scalp does. It’s important to remember that these oils need to be managed, not removed. Most people make the mistake of removing the oils in their beards when cleaning and washing, however, this is a huge mistake. To much oil can be just as bad as having to little oil in your beard, which is why it’s so important that the oil is managed instead of simply removed.

Beard brushes with natural boar bristles help spread oils throughout your beard, allowing for more even and uniform application of oils and other beard products.

3. Beard Brushes Help Detangle

Some beard brushes only consist of boar bristles, while other more utilitarian brushes also consist of nylon ball-tipped bristles. These bristles are known for being extremely stiff, allowing the brush to detangle and straighten out even the most knotted beard hairs. These bristles also help you style and maintain your beard extremely efficiently.

How To Groom Your Beard With A Beard Brush


Before we get too far into it, just keep in mind that grooming your beard for the best results will require some beard products. If you’re looking for maximum health and hydration, go for some high quality beard oil. If you’re going for a blend of hydration and styling/hold, then get some awesome beard balm! And if all you need is some styling and a strong hold to keep even the peskiest beards in place, grab some beard wax!

The best (and healthiest) approach to grooming your beard is a simple three part process.

Part 1 (Optional): Wash (and exfoliate) your beard.

To begin, what you want to do is wash your beard (with a dedicated beard wash) and detangle with a beard comb, like this one. This just helps you manage the oils and remove the debris before you begin styling and forming the shape of your beard.

This is an optional step because some people may have more dry beards and can move on directly to step 2.

Part 2: Apply Beard Balm/Beard Wax

Balm Png

Beard balm and beard wax are more styling-focused than beard oil is, so obviously it would make sense to use these products here for styling purposes. These products provide a medium-strong hold (respectively) for your beard and allows the hair to stay in place. This is going to be important for step 3.

Part 3: Use Your Beard Brush To Shape Your Beard

With the beard product spread throughout your beard, use your dedicated beard brush (or comb) to begin taming your beard and getting the hair to lie in the same direction. The best way to go about this is to start from the top of your beard downwards.

Start by brushing the hair down at your cheeks. The stiff nylon bristles in Volt’s Utility brush does wonders to sort through stiff/tangled beard hairs and make sure they are all uniformly directioned! Then, work through your mustache and chin, guiding hair to the sides of your mouth and downwards towards your neck. once that is all finished, make sure you brush your neck in the direction of hair growth to ensure that no flyaways appear!

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