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How To Blend Beard Color For A Perfect Match

Look, as we know, everyone (and their beards) are unique! It would be impossible for any manufacturer of beard dye or beard color to create such a wide variety of colors that are perfectly suitable for everybody! It’s just not realistic to do so. But here’s the good news, with a little can-do attitude, and a few vials of Volt beard color, you can get a darn-near-perfect match to your natural beard/hair color.

If you’ve ever taken a close-up look at your own beard (or someone else’s) then you probably know that a beard consists of many different shades and colors, not just one. Even if you did have a color that matched your shade perfectly, blending colors gives your beard some variation and an overall more natural, nuanced look.

How is this possible?! Easy, all you have to do is blend a few colors! It doesn’t take a master chemist with a lab coat to do so, and you’ll be a master of how to blend and apply these colors for a perfect beard match in no time. After all, there are TONS of videos, articles, and info out there on how to dye your beard a single color, but hardly anything for those people who need a more custom solution. That’s where we come in.

If you’d rather watch the video on how to blend your beard colors perfectly, then click the button below!

DON’T Use Dyes

Volt Vs Just For Men

There are a few caveats to accomplish this however. First of all, you can’t use traditional beard/hair dyes. These kinds of dyes use chemicals that penetrate the hair follicle itself, and permanently stain the hair. Here’s why this is a problem with blending beard dyes:

  1. Dyes can only go darker. (Often leaving you with the “Shoe-Polish” result)
  2. Dyes usually don’t blend naturally with other colors (Dye takes up space in the hair follicle, leaving little space for blending other dye pigments)
  3. Dyes can’t be customized.
  4. You don’t see the results until you wash it out. (How dark is it going to be? How much more of one color do you need? etc.)

Generally speaking, unless you want to take a BIG risk in coloring your beard and testing how well dyes perform with each other, steer clear of dyes when blending colors.

Why Use Temporary Beard Color?

Volt Instant Beard Color

In a perfect world, you would use a brush-on beard color like Volt Instant Beard Color to blend with. There are a few reasons why a brush on beard-tint is better than a beard dye for blending natural-looking results:

  1. Control the intensity of the color. (Want a darker color? brush more on. Want a lighter color? Brush less on. That’s it)
  2. Brush-On beard colors blend naturally. (The pigments in these kinds of colors naturally blend with each other as you brush them in, making a much more natural, consistent, and streak-free result)
  3. Customize where the color goes. (Want more brown colors on your chin? Brush it there. Want to keep some salt and pepper look on your cheeks? Brush less color there. These colors are 100% customizable and controllable)
  4. NO RISK. (These colors are water and sweat resistant, but are removable anytime if the application is not what you want)
  5. Instant Results. (Beard dyes don’t let you see the final product until you wash off the solution. With beard color, you see the results the moment you brush it on.)

All in all, you don’t need to shave off your precious beard if the blending doesn’t go well or if you make a small mistake applying the color, unlike with beard dyes.

How To Blend Beard Color

Anthony Application (2)

Now, let’s talk about how we can actually get started blending our beard color for the perfect natural look. First things first, you have to chose some colors! Luckily, we at Volt made this easy for you. Just click the button below, take the beard color quiz twice with slight variations in your answers, and you’ll find the most natural 2 colors for you.

Once you’ve got your colors, here are the steps to blending your beard colors.

Step 1: Brush Your Beard

To begin blending the colors well, you’ll want all your bead hairs behaving consistently. Brushing the beard hairs ensures that all the hair is straight, lying in the same direction, and not tangled or anything that will catch your brush or clump up color.

Fun Fact: Brushing your beard consistently also helps exfoliate your skin, spread natural and important oils throughout your beard, and clear away dead skin, dirt, or other debris from your beard.

Step 2: Start Applying The First Beard Color

After shaking the vial well for at least 20 seconds to mix the ingredients together, pull out the applicator brush and start applying the DARKER color first by brushing downwards in the direction of the hair growth.

Why apply the darker color first, you may ask? Well, keep in mind that this beard color doesn’t stain your hair, it only tints your hair by covering the hair from the outside. By applying the darker color first, you’ll be able to apply the lighter color over it without. If you apply the lighter color first, the darker color won’t blend well with it, it will only cover the lighter color.

Step 3: Start Applying The Complementary Color

Now that the first color is on and ready to go, you can begin applying the secondary (or complementary) color to your beard!

Once again, shake the small vial for at least 20 seconds, pull out the brush, and begin applying the color on top of the existing dark color. This will blend the two together, creating a custom color. If you find that you need your beard lighter to match your hair, apply more of the lighter color on top. If you’d like to keep your beard dark, don’t apply as much lighter color on top. It’s that easy.

Keep in mind that most beards are naturally darker on the chin, and lighter on the sides/cheeks. If you’re looking for the most natural look, apply the darker area heavier around the chin, and the lighter color can blend from the chin to the sides of your beard.

Step 4: Brush Lightly To Give A Final Shape

Once the color is blended and you’re happy with the results, all you have to do is take the brush (from step 1) and brush your beard lightly. This does a few things! brushing your beard after applying the color will help you give the beard a final shape and style, blends the hairs and colors together for a seamless look, and get rid of any clumping or extra pigment!

And voila! You’re all done blending your beard colors for a natural and seamless look! Remember, it doesn’t take much color for awesome results, and the fact that you are blending two colors means they will last you just as long as two vials of the same color will, with a more natural look!

If you’re interested in reading more about Volt or selecting your colors, click the link below!

Volt Instant Beard Color

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