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How To Build A Home Gym: Exercise Without A Gym Membership

Let’s face it, gym memberships are expensive, time-consuming, and will likely result in more excuses than results. At least, that’s been our experience in terms of exercising at a gym.

The amount of time it takes to get ready, drive, exercise, drive back, and clean up leaves a lot of room for excuses to crawl into our routines. Many people I know feel obligated to pay for a more expensive gym membership, simply for the convenience of a closer location. This tells me that without convenience, excuses for missing a workout are aplenty.

The good news is, you have options. Less expensive, more rewarding, and more fun options at that! Instead of running to the gym for a quick workout that might leave you more stressed than before you went, just build a tidy workout station at home that will save you time, money, and the results you may be missing out on. And today, we at VOLT grooming want to help you do exactly that with some custom workout station building plans!

Click the button below to get your free workout station building plans with blueprints, dimensions, and more!

There are many benefits of a home workout station, including but not limited to:

  • Far less expensive
  • More time at home
  • More Natural-Looking Results
  • Increase the Value of Property

Let’s just dive a little further into each of these benefits so you can see exactly what you can expect from building your own home workout station!

Less Expensive Exercise

Watch Jaro demonstrate how to use the home gym he built (and made blueprints for) in this Volt Youtube Video!

Be sure to subscribe to the VOLT youtube channel by clicking HERE!

The average price of a gym membership per year is about $507. Which works out to about $42.25/month. This definitely isn’t cheap, and not something to look at lightly considering how much you could save with a home workout station.

Although the price of materials fluctuates, you could build your own comprehensive workout station at home for roughly $XXX, and some hours of your time. A small price to pay since that workout station is a one-time cost, and not a recurring fee like a gym membership.

And keep in mind that when I say the workout station is “comprehensive” what I mean is that you can exercise ALL muscle groups and body parts, making the gym irrelevant. Put simply, you won’t be missing out on any potential muscle exercises or movements that the gym can offer in terms of results!

Save Time With Home Exercise

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The time you save preparing, driving, exercising, driving back home, and cleaning yourself up will greatly reduce. Not only because you’ll skip all the driving, but also because you’ll never have to prepare for your gym trip. This just saves some time and worry that you’ll forget something vital to your exercise.

Often when I prepare for a gym trip, I’ll forget my earbuds, towel, protein shake, or something along those lines that are (admittedly) vital for my routine. Exercising from the peace and comfort of home means I’ll never forget (or have to pre-prepare) these things in the first place.

Overall, I’d say that exercising from home saves me a solid hour every day, simply from driving and getting ready. This is an extra hour you have to relax, do chores, spend time with family, or on hobbies!

More Natural-Looking Results

Sea Salt Spray

You may be wondering how exercising from a home workout station provides you more natural-looking results. And the answer isn’t as cut and clear as you might think!

The truth is, you’ll achieve a more natural body composition when you do free-body weight exercises as opposed to weight-lifting exercises that are common in gyms. This is why not every home gym will provide natural-looking body composition, but ours (free-body weight) will.

The free building plans we offer for our home gym setup is all about free-body weight exercise. And the reason that this type of exercise provides a natural toned look and fit results is all due to body proportions.

Think about it this way, the more muscle you build means more weight you have to move in free-body exercises. By using your body weight for your exercises, you are constantly “leveling up” your weight and, in turn, your muscles without having to keep track of plates, weights, and numbers!

This means that by increasing the muscle and weight in your legs, you’ll have more weight to push in your arms when doing free-body exercises, and vice versa. This ensures that your exercises lead to a proportional body mass that doesn’t make it look like you skipped leg day 10 times in a row!

Increase Property Value

Now I get that this one may be a stretch but hear me out.

Let me tell you a story. I used to live in Norco, California (also known as “Horsetown USA”).

When I lived there, we built a barn on our property, and because barns were hot commodities in the area, we profited off of that by using the barn and selling the property for more than it was worth because of the demand and value for barns.

Workout stations behave the same way! Exercise is a vital and undeniable aspect of every person’s life and well-being (although some take it more seriously than others).

That being said, the value of your home has the potential to increase based on the added value of that exercise station! It’s the same reason people flip houses, a small amount of investment now can return greater yields later, and I’m not even considering the benefits you’ll receive physically, mentally, but ALSO financially.

It’s the difference between tossing your money into a gym membership (money that you’ll never see again) vs putting money into an investment that will benefit you in a variety of ways!


All in all, the benefits of a home workout station can’t really be emphasized enough. With that in mind, be sure to grab your own free-body weight home gym plans by clicking the button below! And yes, they’re free!

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