COSTA MESA, CA. April, 2020. Until COVID-19 stormed the US, we never imagined the nearly instantaneous impact a virus could have on our society. Nonessential businesses have been forced to shut down, people have moved to self-quarantine, every kid in the country has started home schooling and employees have begun relying on video conferencing from their home offices as their only form of interaction. This is an unparalleled time when our mere existence is greatly challenged. This is also the time when every one of us gets the chance to make a difference!

Volt team working around the clock: from R&D to production to the hands of those in need.


Through innovation and hard work, Volt Lifeproof Grooming (Volt), a small local business located on the west side of Costa Mesa, has been working to keep their doors open while supporting the local community and fighting the spread of the Coronavirus.

EBA Design, the parent company to Volt Lifeproof Grooming, has been manufacturing alcohol and specialty makeup for the film industry since 2003. The outbreak of COVID-19 forced the film industry to virtually shut down, affecting the company’s production and sales immediately.

Volt soon found itself with an unused manufacturing facility, employees who needed work and a surplus of cosmetic grade alcohol at a time when local businesses and the community at large are in dire need of hand sanitizers. Coincidentally, the FDA simultaneously issued a temporary policy requesting all manufacturers with alcohol permits shift, at least partially, their manufacturing facilities to the production of hand sanitizers.

This confluence of factors led company owners to start manufacturing hand sanitizers to keep employees on payroll and help local communities access a desperately needed product.

Taking care of businesses. Volt guard 16oz sanitizer donations. (Above from left to right: Uroko Café, Fermentation Farm, Moongoat Coffee Roasters)


The transition to producing hand sanitizers has been challenging because of unusually high manufacturing costs related to limited or depleted packaging supplies, an increased cost of raw materials and new manufacturing procedures. “Right now, our sanitizers are mostly made and filled by hand, and we are using raw materials and packaging supplies at prices that have quadrupled since the pandemic took over,” says Jaro Turek, founder of Lifeproof Grooming. “This is a game of supply and demand, and we are at its mercy.”

Despite these challenges, Volt has produced a product superior to the typical over-the-counter sanitizer. With 17 years of experience in making cosmetics, Volt understands the importance of choosing the right combination of ingredients to create a product that not only sanitizes but is also gentle on the skin when used frequently.  Volt Guard’s new formula contains aloe vera, vitamin E and antiseptic oils including tea tree oil, lemon seed oil, argan oil, jojoba oil and other ingredients all working together to retain moisture and lubricate hands once the alcohol evaporates. Additionally, Volt Guard is offered in a spray formula, allowing users to quickly sanitize both hands and other surfaces.

Volt sells their 1oz on-the-go VOLT GUARD sanitizers for $4.75 with a 20% COVID discount. “Although we can’t offer the same prices as the large corporations, we are trying to do our part to slow down the spread of the virus at the most reasonable price possible,” says Stacy Nielsen, co-founder and CFO

The company also donates VOLT GUARD in 1oz and larger sizes to their local community in Costa Mesa and to employees of essential businesses, including doctors, car dealerships, restaurants, banks, grocery stores, delivery drivers and construction workers.

Taking care of our front line workers + employees of local businesses.


The Volt team’s ability to quickly change gears and do their best even during dark times comes with great rewards. “We are giving a bunch of product away to drivers and service workers,” says Luis Abraham, operations manager at Volt Lifeproof Grooming and EBA. “This is truly where I feel like I am doing my part to help the community.”

Although Volt Lifeproof Grooming may soon run out of their raw materials they are determined to keep fighting and helping as long as they can.

We are in this together! The world needs you. Our medical workers and first responders need your help. Please donate to your local hospital, police station, fire station, etc.

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