how to remove static electricity from your beard

Static In Your Beard? Try This Easy Fix

Having a beard can be challenging enough without having to deal with the uncomfortable static-electricity feeling. It seems like we spend all this time, effort, and money on making our beards look nice just to have a small amount of static ruin it!

If you’ve ever dealt with frizziness, beard hairs that tend to stand up, or dryness/stiffness in your beard, especially after a shower or using beard wash, then you’ve dealt with a static beard before.

These kinds of symptoms are particularly bad in dry or low-humidity environments. But, how can you deal with it? And how can you get your beard to stay in line and behave despite the electricity inside it? Keep reading to find out!

What Is Static Beard Hair?

Static Beard Hair

Static electricity occurs when your hair takes in extra electrons, thus giving it a non-neutral electric charge.

When it comes to electricity, opposites attract, and the same or “alike” charges repel each other.  This is why when many strands of your hair have extra electrons, they repel each other and separate.

This “repelling” of the electrons is why your hair tends to separate and become frizzy and floaty with static.

These strands of hair likely act crazy and attach themselves to clothes, skin, or just stand themselves on end.

How To Get Rid Of Beard Static

  • Use A Wooden Comb

Twin 0003 Beard Comb Straight Forward

There’s one easy and simple way to get rid of static in your hair and beard and that is 1) use a natural carbon-based material like a wooden comb.

Wooden combs are not only more eco-friendly and natural than plastic combs, which can take hundreds and hundreds of years before they break down into microplastics, but wooden combs are also easier on hair, skin, and reduce static.

Using a wooden comb helps neutralize the static in your hair by giving the surplus electrons something to cling on to.

Energy in the universe wants balance, so if there’s a high amount of electrons in a certain space, like your hair, they will naturally want to expand and form bonds to other things.

Using a wooden comb helps reduce the amount and density of electrons in your hair and lessen the static charge.

  • Tap Your Beard With A Dryer Sheet

Dryer sheets not only smell nice, they are meant to help reduce static by absorbing excess electricity and removing electrons from clothes.

Tapping your beard lightly with a dryer sheet will help reduce the static therein, and help you better control and style your beard hairs.

  • Moisturize Your Beard

beard balm or beard oil

Static electricity in your beard is often a symptom of dryness.

This dryness often comes after showering or washing your beard and stripping away a lot of the natural oils and moisture that your skin secretes for your hair.

Moisturizing your beard can increase the amount of positive charges that mitigate the electron charges. Thus neutralizing the static and adding some well-needed hydration to your beard hair. Volt’s beard oil works amazingly well for this.

Ultimately, to reduce the amount of static electricity in your beard hair, you’ll want to 1) use a wooden comb, 2) tap your beard with a dryer sheet, and 3) keep your beard moisturized and hydrated with beard oil to avoid the dryness that attracts electrons to the beard hair in the first place.

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