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Does Washing Your Beard Too Often Harm It?

Unless you are brand new to the bearded life, chances are you know the importance of washing your beard. After all, your beard is much like the hair on your scalp, and you wash your hair…right? We wash our beards for the same reason, to get rid of dirt and debris and manage the natural oils that our skin and hair create to stay healthy and hydrated.

However, there is one major distinction between the hair on your scalp and the hair we grow on our faces, and that major difference is sensitivity. And it’s this sensitivity, between the various types of hair you have, that affects the way you should keep it healthy and happy.

When it comes to washing your beard in the best way (the least harmful way) there are some related larger questions to answer. Here are some we’ll be answering today:

  • How Often Should We Wash Our Beards?
  • What Should We Wash Our Beards With?
  • How To Keep Our Beards From Getting Too Dry
  • How Should We Wash Our Beards?

So, let’s dive into the following questions (and their answers) in regards to washing your beard and how to do so the right way with minimal damage and maximum beard health!\

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How Often Should We Wash Our Beards?

should you wash your beard with shampoo

man washing face near mirror in morning in bathroom

You might think that your beard, being hair, should be washed with the same frequency and intensity that your regular hair is, but you’d be wrong.

The truth is that the hair on and around your face is far more sensitive than the hair on your scalp, and for one major reason: the skin underneath.

The skin around your nose, mouth, and cheeks is far more sensitive to common cleaners and synthetic detergents commonly found in Shampoos than the hair on your head is.

This means that the sensitive skin underneath your beard ends up being more easily damaged, disturbed, irritated, or dryed out than the hair on your scalp. Pair this with the harsh detergents in shampoos, and you’re asking for a dry flaky beard because you’ll end up giving yourself dry flaky skin.

There are two answers to this problem. #1. Wash your beard less often, or #2. wash your beard with less harsh detergents.

When it comes to washing your beard, most men find that the optimal frequency is 2-3 times a week. This keeps your beard from getting too dry, while also managing and reducing the excess oils that can cause breakouts or an overly oily beard.

What Should We Wash Our Beards With?

How to wash your beard

This is solution #2 that I mentioned earlier.

You see, your beard, just like your hair, requires natural oils in order to stay hydrated, elastic, strong, and healthy. These oils are generally called “sebum” and is created by your skin. Strip way too many of these oils without re-adding clean ones, and you’ll have a dry beard.

Overall, this means that you need to wash your beard with a gentler, more natural, style of shampoo, like beard wash.

A more gentle and natural formula helps keep too many oils from being stripped away, while still cleaning the debris and dirt that naturally gets caught in a beard. This is why we recommended a dedicated beard wash as opposed to a generic shampoo.

beard wash

Shampoos can be harsh in stripping away oils because the skin on your head isn’t nearly as sensitive. Also, you almost always use a conditioner after the shampoo to re-introduce clean natural oils to your hair.

Beard Washes are gentler formulas that help clean and manage beard oils without stripping away too many of them.

It’s simple, use a gentle natural beard wash like Volt’s Refillable Beard Wash.

How To Keep Our Beards From Getting Too Dry


The key to never having a dry beard is to condition it the same way you recondition your hair after using shampoo. Use beard oil or beard balm.

Beard oil is by far the most popular beard product out there. Beard oils help you re-introduce natural and well-blended oils that give your beard some elasticity, softness, shine, and hydration.

Beard balm does the same thing, however, beard balms add a styling edge to the mix because the formula is thicker and often includes certain waxes and butters that help your straighten out and style a beard.

Overall, beard oil is perfect for some quick and easy hydration, beard balm is better for longer, wilder, beards that need both hydration and styling.

Check out the featured products by clicking their images to learn more about how they help your beard.

How Should We Wash Our Beards?

Screen Shot 2021 12 17 At 10.29.51 Am

Washing your beard is a fairly straight forward process, assuming you have the right products (like we mentioned earlier)

  1. Dampen your beard (preferably in the shower for ease of use).
  2. Apply a dime-to-quarter sized portion of beard wash to your hands depending on your beard size and length.
  3. Lather the beard wash in your hands and massage throughout your beard.
  4. Rinse Out.
  5. Apply beard conditioning products (beard oil or beard balm).

It really is that simple.

Pro Tip: Although you should only wash your beard 2-3 times a week, you should consider hydrating your beard or using beard oil/balm almost every day. Especially if you tend to suffer from dry skin, like most bearded men do. This will keep your beard soft and healthy between washes.

Overall, when it comes to washing your beard, don’t wash it too often. Washing your beard too often causes damage by reducing the amount of natural oils your beard and skin need to remain elastic, hydrated, and strong. Use a gentle beard wash and always rehydrate your beard hair with a conditioner like beard oil or beard balm afterwards.

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