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Simple Style Tricks That Make Men More Attractive

Let’s be honest for just a moment here, there is probably nobody in the world who would say “no” to the question, “Would you like to be more attractive?” After all, attractiveness is ingrained in us as part of the way society determines “value”. More specifically, the more attractive you are, the more you are considered valuable. It is certainly not a perfect system, but it’s one that has historically ruled the world.

As a man in today’s society, you are likely externally pressured to be and do many things. You’re supposed to be attractive, strong, resilient, relentless, and emotionally stable despite hardship, all the time. It’s a tough thing to be. But today, we here at Voltgrooming want to take some of these worries off your plate by describing 5 style tricks that any guy can do to make them appear more attractive.

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1: Wear More Red

Multiple studies have shown that wearing red is one of the easiest and simplest ways to appear more attractive to the opposite sex. Red is apparently the most attractive color to both men and women, but for entirely different reasons.

Here’s why red is an attractive color for a man to wear. Women are attracted to men who wear red because red sends signals of status and dominance. Two things that women actively look for when scoping out a man. It’s the premonition of status that makes men more attractive when they wear red.

Adding some red to your wardrobe can be done as simply as purchasing a red beanie, or as complex as a burgundy suit. Either way, make sure that the red clothes that you’re wearing fits you well, which brings us to point #2!

2: Well-Fitting Clothes

Well Fitting Clothes

No style list is complete without this most basic principle. Put simply, poorly fitting clothes are a nightmare in terms of style for both men and women.

Here’s how your clothes should fit as a man. They should be comfortable, without being baggy. Your clothes should aim to bulk up your shoulders, but trim your waist, creating the appearance of strength and masculinity. Well-fitting clothes may not be easy to find, especially if your body style is an outlier in terms of size or build. So, a little extra effort may have to go into finding good clothes that fit, but the effort is always worth it.

Here’s what we recommend, whenever you go shopping, take a friend who isn’t afraid of being honest. They’ll be able to tell you if a certain piece of clothing does or doesn’t fit, or help you choose between two pieces that might fit.

3: Grow A Short Beard

Overall, the most attractive style of facial hair for men is EITHER stubble or a longer beard. But be careful, these beard styles are attractive for entirely different reasons.

When women were asked to rate bearded men based on attractiveness, the results were quite interesting for a variety of reasons. The first being, women who were looking for casual short-term relationships considered the men with stubble/short bards as the most attractive. However, women who were looking for long-term dating and “father” material considered men with longer beards as more attractive for that criteria.

Overall, it wouldn’t be unfair to say that facial hair, in general, makes a man appear more attractive as long as it is kept clean and tidy. Facial hair makes you appear older, which happens to be something that makes a man appear more attractive to women as determined by what scientists call “the George Clooney Effect.”

Essentially, growing a beard will not only allow you an outlet to sculpt your own style and define your facial features but also help you appear generally more attractive.

4: Walk With Swagger

Walk With Swagger

Although it’s not exactly a “style” tip, there’s no questioning the importance of confidence when it comes to appearing attractive. After all, most men are told all their lives to “just have more confidence”. But confidence is something that can’t just be gained immediately. It has to be learned and felt in the way you carry yourself.

Walking with “swagger” is an awesome way to display confidence to those around you. Here’s how you can achieve this effect with just some small tips to keep in mind as you walk! If anything, practice walking around and see if any of these things stand out as something you need to do to appear more confident as you walk.

  • Pull Your Shoulders Back (Keeps you from hunching or appearing defensive)
  • Stick Your Chest Out (Helps signify dominance and keeps an open posture)
  • Keep Your Head Up (Makes you appear larger and more commanding of attention)
  • Keep Your Eyes Level (Looking down makes you appear anxious/nervous)
  • Walk At A Brisk But Relaxed Pace (This makes you appear determined but comfortable in your own skin)
  • Gently Swing Your Shoulders As You Walk (What many refer to as “swagger” swaying your shoulders makes you appear comfortable, confident, and loosened up, the telling sign of a man who is comfortable with who he is)
  • Straighten Your Back (Makes you appear larger and taller, therefore, more dominant and masculine)

How many of these things can you check off your list? Anything you may have missed? Fix your walking style to appear more confident and attractive.

5: Accessorize


Accessories are your best friends when it comes to appearing more attractive. After all, the devil is in the details! Accessories are going to end up being polarizing to your style. They can either take your style and amplify it, or clash with it depending on how you choose to accessorize.

For example, it’s common knowledge that a pair of quality shades are going to make you appear more attractive. There is an air of mystery and ambiguity behind the shades that make people curious about you. But, wearing the wrong shades with the wrong outfit will make you appear less professional and less attractive. For example, wearing sports sunglasses (with the string and all) while wearing a tailored suit. They simply aren’t a match.

Other Accessories can include:

  • Watches: Match your watches to the formality level of your clothing (like your sunglasses)
  • Rings/Bracelets/Necklaces
  • Hats: Match the formality of hats with your outfit. NO ball caps with suits!
  • Earphones/Headphones: The creation of wireless headphones has pioneered this entire genre of accessories
  • Masks: With Covid-19 going on, this one simply can’t be ignored.

6: Bonus: Eye-Contact

Somewhat along the lines of tip #4, making solid eye contact is a surefire way of displaying confidence even more noticeably than walking does. This is because eye contact must be achieved by both people, therefore the experience is more personal and much more noticeable.

Holding eye contact is honestly just as simple as it may seem. It takes some practice to be able to do so confidently, but if you are unafraid to make eye contact then


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