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Sea Salt Spray 101 | How To Style Men’s Hair With Sea Salt Spray

Imagine that you just wake up, you’re in a rush, and you’ve got to get prepped and ready to head into the office for work or anything else you have scheduled to do that day. There’s no time to shower, so the only option you’ve got for cleaning and styling your hair is some quick and easy sea salt spray!

Now, surprisingly, sea salt spray has only been available since the 1990s in the form that we know and love today. This relatively recent introduction is despite the fact that sea salt and water have been around for millions of years (in the ocean) but is now commercially available to give us the “beach hair” look that we all have come to love.

Modern day sea salt sprays have been formulated with key ingredients that not only style your hair but also exfoliates, cleans, moisturizes, and gives texture to it. “Moisturizes” is the key term here, since salt tends to dehydrate your hair by attracting water molecules, it’s important to find a salt spray that fights dehydration with moisturizing ingredients. We’ll go over some of these later on.

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What Is Sea Salt Spray?


Sea Salt Spray is a hairstyling product meant to give your hair texture, volume, and a slight hold. It generally comes in a spray bottle and can double not only as a styling product but also as a dry shampoo that helps clean your hair and scalp.

How Does Sea Salt Spray Work?

Salt Spray Ingredients

Sea salt spray uses the dehydrating properties of salt to pull water molecules away from your hair, leaving a gritty-like texture and hold that gives you the classic “beach hair” look. However, high quality sea salt sprays use more than salt and water to provide safety and cleansing effects to your hair. Salt dries your hair out to give you the desired effect, but salt alone can dry your hair out far too much.

Higher-quality examples of salt sprays on the market like Volt Surf Salt Spray will provide certain ingredients such as sea kelp, activated charcoal, kaolin, and more to help manage moisture instead of dehydrating your hair to the point of damage. Activated charcoal helps remove toxins and exfoliate, and kaolin helps fortify your hair.

How To Use Sea Salt Spray On Men’s Hair

There are three main steps for using sea salt spray. Luckily, these steps are super simple and easy to accomplish. Here are the three steps:

  1. Apply Salt Spray To Your Hair
  2. Shape Your Hair With Your Hands
  3. Dry and Re-Shape As Needed

Now let’s dive into each of these points in a bit more detail.

Step 1: Apply Salt Spray Liberally To Your Hair

The longer your hair, the more salt spray you’ll have to use to get the same effect. Just make sure that your hair is not dripping or soaked in the salt spray, you just need lightly damp hair after applying the spray in order to achieve the desired affects.

Step 2: Style Your Hair With Your Fingers

Believe it or not, this step is incredibly important. To achieve the natural “beach hair” look that we are all looking for, you need to use your fingers to style and shape your hair after applying the spray. Combs and brushes are going to be too perfect to give you the natural look that you want.

Try scrunching, crunching, and squeezing your hair with your hands to give your hair texture and volume after applying the spray.

Step 3: Wait For Your Hair To Dry

After styling and shaping your hair with your hands, your hair will dry into whatever shape you leave it in. After the water evaporates and leaves the salt and other ingredients behind in your hair, you’ll also notice that your hair appears to have more volume and texture. This may change the original shape and style of your hair slightly, however, the benefit of salt spray is that it can be touched up and re-styled throughout the day.

The light hold that sea salt spray provides usually lasts all day long, giving you the opportunity to restyle and reshape your hair as you see fit. For more controlled styling, try running your hands under some water before touching up your hair. The water reactivates the salt and other ingredients to make it easier for your hair to take on a new shape or style.

All in all, Sea salt spray is a super versatile, quick, and easy way to style your hair. Whether you’re facing the morning rush or just need a simple and effective dry shampoo, sea salt spray has you covered.

If you’re on the market for a high quality sea salt spray of your own then look no further than Volt’s Surf Salt Spray!

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