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How To Choose The Perfect Men’s Fragrance

Our sense of smell is arguably the most primal and complex sense that we have. In fact, science has determined that smell is linked more closely to our memories (through the “olfactory system”) than any other sense! With how powerful our sense of smell is to us, it should come as no surprise that smelling your best should always be a priority in any man’s grooming regimen. Today, we here at VOLT Grooming are going to help you choose the best men’s fragrance profile for you using our signature custom scents!

Keep in mind that men’s fragrances can be added to many different men’s grooming products! Whether you are on the market for a new cologne, beard oil, beard balm, shampoo, or conditioner, these fragrance basics will help you choose the best scent for you.

So, without further adieu, let’s begin by discussing why we wear fragrances in the first place, then we will begin to dive into the various scent profiles there are and how you can begin by choosing the best men’s fragrance for you!

Also, here’s an awesome video that summarizes this article!

Why Should Men Wear Fragrances?

Everyone knows what a fragrance is: a combination of oils, extracts, or other raw materials that produce a lingering scent. But, fewer people know why having a fragrance is so powerful when it comes to masculinity.

Here are just a few reasons why it is extremely important for men to consider their own unique fragrance when purchasing grooming products or colognes:

  • Attractiveness

Studies have shown that the single most important factor in terms of a man’s attractiveness to women is smell! In fact, women’s sense of smell is tuned specifically to detect male pheromones. Fragrances can combine with these scents to create more powerful and bonding memories or behavioral cues due to our olfactory system!

  • Confidence

A man who smells good (and knows it) is going to feel better about himself overall. He won’t be afraid to get closer to people, insert himself into conversations, or simply be willing to socialize more often and more intensely. All of which is added to a man’s self-image and willingness to be outgoing and confident in various situations.

Now that we are more aware of the undeniable benefits of having a signature scent, let’s begin finding ways to discover what your unique scent profile should be!

What is a Scent Profile?

A “scent profile” is merely the term we are using to describe the characteristics of a fragrance over time. There are many things to consider when finding the right scent profile for you, so let’s talk about what makes up a scent profile so you will know what to look for when trying out different fragrances and determining the best ones for you!

Men’s fragrances have a few distinct characteristics such as:

  1. Notes/Overtones: The actual characteristics of the scent (Woody, Citrus, etc.)
  2. Phases: Changes or transformations of the scent over time (Linear or Non-linear)
  3. Longevity: How long the scent lasts

Don’t worry, we’ll go over all of this soon enough. For now, let’s begin with the notes and overtones of a scent!

The Notes of Men’s Fragrances

Scent WheelClick Image For Source

Generally speaking, most men’s fragrances can be categorized into one (or a combination) of the following 4 scent overtones and notes:

  1. Floral
  2. Fresh
  3. Woody
  4. Oriental

There is some overlap here as well, for example, many fresh notes in a scent can compliment floral notes. The important thing to consider when choosing a men’s fragrance is whether the notes will compliment your natural scent and blend well with the oils from your skin.

Here are a few things to consider when searching for the right notes in a fragrance for any men’s grooming products.

  1. Does the scent blend well with your natural scent? Trying various different notes and overtones (from fresh to woody) will help you get a better idea of how each one behaves with your natural scent and help you make more informed decisions in regards to the best scent profile for you!
  2. What season is it? Generally, fresh or floral scents are perfect for spring and summer, while woody and warmer scents are more appropriate for the winter and fall months.
  3. Where are you going to be wearing the scent? For example, in terms of beard balm, I always use Volt’s “Drift” scent when I’m heading to the beach or pool due to it’s fresh aquatic overtone, but I will use “Outback” when I’m planning a trip to the mountains or anywhere more woodsy and oriental.

The Phases of Fragrances

Not all men’s fragrances will behave the same as they age on your skin or clothing. Some will remain similar to how they first smelled in the bottle, whereas others may change or combine with your natural scent to create new and unique overtones.

These new notes and overtones may be good or bad depending on your preferences. This is why it is detrimental to try a variety of scents and find the commonalities in them that blend well with your natural musk!

Generally, we can categorize men’s fragrances into two categories: Linear and Non-linear.

Linear scents will fade away slowly over time without changing the characteristics of the scent profile. They will smell the same on you throughout the fragrance’s entire lifecycle. From application to the final whiff! These are what we would call linear scents.

Non-linear scents, on the other hand, will change or adjust to you and go through many layers or “phases” of differing notes and overtones.

For example, a linear scent with notes of citrus will continue smelling like citrus until the scent wears off. However, a more complex non-linear scent may begin smelling like citrus, but become more fresh or woody as the scent ages. Much of this is determined by where you apply the scent (scents applied to clothes don’t combine with your natural oils very much) as well as how that specific scent matches and transforms with your body’s natural scent.

Here’s a helpful tip: Fresh and aromatic scents are going to fade away more quickly than darker, more woody scents. This means that while your fragrance may smell fresh, aquatic, or citrusy in the beginning, there’s a higher likelihood for that scent to transform or phase into other notes as time goes on.

Fragrance Longevity

Longevity is the most simple characteristic of every men’s fragrance. The overall longevity of your fragrance is simply how long the fragrance will last (in any phase/transformation) before it can no longer be noticed. The factors that affect the longevity of a fragrance are listed below:

  1. Purity (A product with 30% fragrance by volume is going to last FAR longer on the skin than a product with 10% fragrance by volume, higher percentage = more fragrance = longer lasting)
  2. Notes/Overtones (As mentioned above, citrusy and fresh notes don’t typically last as long as woodsy and oriental notes do)

The type of product that contains the fragrance will also be a determining factor in the fragrance’s longevity. VOLT’s beard oil has fragrance longevity of up to 5 hours! Whereas the beard balm may behave differently because a balm is absorbed more slowly than beard oil is.

VOLT Fragrance Profiles

Img 4070

Whether you are searching for an aquatic scent or something more woodsy and floral, VOLT has you covered! VOLT offers three signature scent profiles in many of our men’s grooming and beard products including beard oils and balms!

  • Drift: An addicting blend of sea salt and citrus that provides an excellent balance between fresh and floral scents! Perfect for a summer day at the beach or pool!
  • Outback: A complex and layered blend of warm woody notes including sandalwood, musk, and floral overtones. Our most versatile scent, Outback is perfect for a night on the town or a cozy winter/fall day.
  • Two Peaks: A sharp natural blend of fresh notes including pine, earth, and mint. Two Peaks will add the scent of a refreshing mountain range hike to your day.

The thing that’s unique about VOLT’s scent profiles is that they are all linear! After applying your beard balm or beard oil, you’ll notice that the scent lingers and remains natural and similar to the original scent! If you are worried about choosing a scent that might change over time, or if you are looking for a straightforward and no-nonsense fragrance that works consistently, then VOLT is for you!

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Overall, the fragrance profile you choose is going to be an extremely personal preference, specifically in the way that the men’s fragrance blends with your natural scent or the other fragrances in the products you use!

Probably the largest tip I can give you is to head to a clothing or perfume store and try different scents! See which ones blend well on your skin and make a note of the ingredients and scent profile of that specific fragrance. This will help you match and find similar fragrances that compliment your existing ones, and go well with your unique style!

For more information on Volt’s scent profiles and men’s fragrances, visit our beard oil page and choose the scent that interests you!


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