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How to Choose The Best Beard Oil

Nowadays, beard oil is everywhere. It is the most popular beard care product on the market, and the options are seemingly endless! This can be both a good and a bad thing for the person looking for a high-quality beard oil that meets their needs!

Having options is great, but having too many options can cause unjustified confusion at the overwhelming amount of beard care products out there! Well, that’s where we come in!

In today’s article, we here at Volt Lifeproof Grooming would like to cover exactly what you should be looking for in a high-quality beard oil. Hopefully, after reading this short instructional article you’ll feel much more confident and certain about choosing the right oil that fits your needs and gives you the beard of your dreams!

So, let’s begin with one of the most important aspects of choosing a good beard oil: Price.

“How Much Should I Spend on Beard Oil?”

Price is one of the first (make it or break it) things people notice when it comes to purchasing anything. That’s why we are starting here! And the price of beard oils should be no different.

When it comes to the price of beard oil, you get what you pay for. People who buy the cheapest beard oils on the market often become disappointed with the performance of the oil, the discomfort which accompanies impure or harsh ingredients, or even experience breakouts and rashes. This is normally due to the cost-saving and cheap ingredients that a company might use to offer such a low price.

Unfortunately, this leads many disappointed people to think that all beard oils are the same, but the truth is that they are VASTLY different. Both in quality of materials, and overall comfort/application.

Generally speaking, you should never have to pay more than $20 to get a high-quality 1oz. bottle of beard oil. Anything below $10 is likely not made with quality natural ingredients, and anything above $20 to $25 is where you meet the point of diminishing returns.

Due to these market averages, we’ve priced our own Volt Premium 1oz Beard Oil at $17 to maintain its high-quality ingredients at the best price!

Fragrances in Beard Oil

Beard Oil

Beard Oils come in many shapes, sizes, styles, and most importantly, scents. It’s extremely important to choose a scent that is not overpowering, annoying, or harsh so that you can avoid beard oils that torment your nose while you wear them throughout the day.

On the flip side, a quality scent can vastly improve a standard beard oil and give an amazingly unique signature scent to your beard! Finding the scent that works for you is the trick.

When choosing beard oils, be sure that the scent isn’t too overpowering right off the bat. Remember, you’ll be smelling this scent for hours every single day, so be sure you enjoy it and that it is light enough to become complementary to your cologne, body wash, or other scents without overpowering them.

When choosing the right scent for you, you have to ask yourself a few questions first:

  1. What season will you be wearing this beard oil in?
  2. What other scents are you layering with it?
  3. How does the scent react with your natural scent?

Men’s Grooming Quick Tip: When searching for scents, whether it’s beard oil, cologne, or anything else, always match the scent with the season!

For example, if I was looking for a light/fresh scent for summer, then I would obviously choose a fresh scented beard oil. Something either citrusy, floral, or oceanic. In this case, I would choose either Volt’s “Drift” scent (oceanic/aqua) or the “Two Peaks” scent (pine/mint/nature) for Volt’s Beard Oil!

On the other hand, in the fall or winter, I would want a warmer more cozy scent to match the season. In this case, I’d choose the woodsy “Outback” scent to give my beard the appropriate feeling and smell to match the time of year!

If you’re worried about disliking any scent in your beard oil (or if you’re allergic to certain scents), then Volt’s 100% unscented beard oil is a perfect choice!

How Should Good Beard Oil Feel?

If you’ve only ever tried a single type of beard oil before, then you might be wondering if all beard oils feel the same as the one you’ve tried. I’m here to answer your questions with a resounding NO!

Before we move on, watch Dan C. Bearded describe what to look for in quality beard oils and how they should feel by clicking the video here!

We here at volt have tried and tested a wide variety of beard oils, and they certainly all have their own characteristics in terms of viscosity, absorption, and feel. In fact, some oils are as thin as water, and others can be almost as thick as honey.

Although “feel” really boils down to personal preference, certain things that most people agree on is that the oil should not feel heavy, sticky, or drippy. All of these things can cause the beard oil to be uncomfortable throughout the day, or affect the application process and cause issues with certain parts of your beard becoming dry as opposed to other areas.

Due to this, generally, the best beard oils have medium-viscosity, absorb quickly (to avoid drippiness), and provide good hydration for an appropriate amount of time. We’ve taken all of these things into account when creating Volt Lube Premium Beard Oil!

In fact, the best beard oils on the market are made with such high-quality natural ingredients that they can also be used to oil bare skin as well! At Volt, we absolutely encourage our oils to be used on both hair and skin to hydrate, nourish, and rejuvenate.

After applying the oil, you should notice your beard becoming softer and shinier throughout the day! This is because the oil is absorbed by your beard and skin, hydrating dry or stiff areas and preventing beard dandruff, redness, itchiness, and more!

Ask yourself, is your beard oil performing this way? If not, then it might be time to switch oils and give others brands or scents a try! With as much beard oil in the market as there is, you can certainly find one that meets all of your needs!


Overall, much of what makes a certain beard oil “good” is your personal preference. But there are specific characteristics in quality beard oils that are universally considered to be desirable, such as fast absorption times and safe, natural ingredients.

All in all, here’s a quick reminder checklist to help you find the best beard oil for you!

  1. Price: Don’t cheap out on beard oil. This stuff is going on your precious beard and around your mouth so clean, natural ingredients are ALWAYS worth the extra few dollars.
  2. Fragrance: Choose a scent that is LIGHT and COMPLEMENTARY to you. You’ll be smelling it for hours on end so subtlety is key.
  3. Feel: Preferably, your beard should feel fresh, soft, and comfortable after applying oil. NOT thick, sticky, or matted.

Hopefully, this gave you some insights into choosing the best oil for your beard’s needs! If you haven’t already, we highly recommend you give Volt Lube Premium Beard Oil a shot! Available in four unique custom fragrances.


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