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Growing A Beard: 5 Beard Growth Tips and Tricks

Growing a beard is no easy feat! However, it also doesn’t have to be as difficult as you may think it is. Many men attempt to grow a beard in their teens or mid 20’s, only to become discouraged when their facial hair grows in a way that is less than desired. Don’t be discouraged! Today, we’re going to be talking about the ins and outs of growing a beard, and 5 beard growth tips and tricks to aid you in the process.

Growing a beard is a journey. And while it doesn’t need to consume all of your attention or resources, it certainly does require some attention and resources. Perhaps more than you might expect. So, if you feel that a beard is going to be worth the effort to you, then take the following tips and tricks and implement them throughout your daily life. We’ll be discussing how you can do that, as well as why these beard growth tips and tricks work.

Tip 1: Commit To Your Beard

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Probably the most important thing about life in general is making commitments. Without a direction of travel, you will be lost from the get-go. And it is very much the same with your beard.

If you become easily disappointed with how your beard grows, chances are you will shave it off without actually giving yourself a fighting chance. You’ll have to commit to the process of growing a beard, maintaining it, and caring for it for a while before you start to see great results.

For example, those teens and twenty-something’s I mentioned earlier might think they have no chance of growing a beard. However, men don’t typically reach their full beard-growth potential until their 30’s. Sometimes all it takes is time. And many times, these men simply shave too quickly before they reach the point where the beard can actually be molded into working well for them.

If you want anything good in this life, you have to commit. That includes your bard as well.

Tip 2: Trim Your Beard Regularly

"dusting" beard trim

Here is where your commitment meets practice. You’ll need to regularly maintain and trim your beard. You might think “duh, it’s expected that you should do so!” however there is a caveat here.

You should regularly trim your beard before you reach the desired length you want. Especially if you have trouble growing a full beard. This almost sounds preposterous, doesn’t it? Well, let us explain.

There are two main benefits to trimming your beard regularly. The first is that it helps avoid damaging split ends that can occur in your beard and cause tangles, pulling, and overall the premature removal of beard hair. Giving your beard a regular “dusting” can relieve that issue. Simply trim your beard so that you only take off about a quarter inch of beard hair at most. You can do this bi-monthly.

The other (more hidden) benefit of regular beard trimming, especially for men with uneven beard growth or patchy beards, is that you get to even the hair out. An uneven or patchy beard means that hair grows more quickly in one area than another. So, although it might take you a bit longer to grow your beard completely, you can avoid the awkward-looking phase by regularly trimming the longest areas if your beard to match the shortest areas. This leaves you with a more natural progression from stubble to short beard to long beard without the results being awkward or disappointing.

Tip 3: Wash and Condition Your Beard

should you wash your beard with shampoo

This is one point that many men seem to ignore, or do wrong. First of all, yes you should absolutely wash your beard. The hot running water in the shower won’t cut it. But also, no you don’t want to use shampoo to do so.

Shampoo is much too harsh for your beard, it strips to many of the oils away that your beard needs to stay healthy. Using a dedicated beard wash is a better option because, although using many of the same ingredients as shampoo, the proportion is different, making it a much “softer” wash for your beard.

This way you can strip all the dirty oils that have collected dust, skin cells, and other debris from your beard without making it too dry.

Next, you’ll have to replace those oils with clean oils for your beard to soak up and re-hydrate with. Beard oil is the most popular beard grooming product that does the trick. And using a light, fast-drying and natural beard oil like Volt’s Lube is even better, because it doesn’t leave you with a sticky or heavy feeling.

Don’t use hair conditioner on your beard. Because conditioner has to be washed out, it simply doesn’t do enough to hydrate your beard throughout the day like a “leave-in” conditioner does, such as beard balm or beard oil.

Your beard should be conditioned at least once every day.

Tip 4: Brushes Make Beards Better

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Beard brushes should be another regular part of your beard grooming routine, and should be used after conditioning your beard with either beard oil or beard balm.

Beard brushes serve a dual purpose: Firstly, they help spread the oils around your beard evenly so the hairs are evenly coated with oils, balm, etc. This helps regulate the moisture and hydration in your beard so you can avoid dry spots. The second use for beard brushes is exfoliation.

Beard brushes that are made with natural boar bristles are best. Boar bristles help dig through the thick beard hair and exfoliate the skin underneath. These bristles are stiff enough to help scrub away dead skin cells and buildup, but soft enough not to scratch your skin.

Beard brushes can be useful for any size of beard by helping clean and condition. Just be sure to use a beard brush with natural boar bristles like Volt’s Octo Brush.

Tip 5: Choose The Right Styling Products

Volt Open Balm (cropped)

Once your beard is well-maintained in terms of trimming and health, it’s time for the icing on the cake; styling. Styling is not only reserved for long and unruly beards, shorter beard hair tends to be unruly too. Adding some styling product like beard and mustache wax and/or beard balm will help you flatten those beard hairs and keep them in line.

Beard and mustache wax is going to give you the strongest and most water-resistant hold and shape for your beard. Put simply, the higher blend of waxes provides a stiffer and more robust consistency than you find in beard balm which allows for a better styling hold. Making it the preferred product for longer beards with wild hair that need that strength to stay in line.

Beard balm however has a second benefit: Hydrating. Much like beard oil, beard balm contains specific oils that are blended with waxes and butters. This helps give your beard some styling hold (but not as much as wax) as well as some hydrating benefits.

Beard balm is best for short – medium beards when you want a single do-it-all product.

Overall, here are the 5 simple beard growing tips and tricks that will  help you manage and grow a beard more effectively!

  • Commit To Your Beard
  • Trim Your Beard Regularly
  • Wash and Condition Your Beard
  • Brush Your Beard
  • Choose The Right Beard Styling Products

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