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Choosing The Right Toiletry Bag For Travel: Volt GoPack

Today’s world is a fast-paced place where traveling is common and a bit mundane at times. And that last thing you want to worry about is whether your toiletry bag is convenient and reliable, or just another headache.

Having a reliable means of organizing your toiletries that you don’t have to worry or stress about makes things all that much easier on yourself.

So, today, we want to go over some of the things you should consider when looking at some toiletry bag options on the market and we’re going to be using Volt’s GoPack as an example.

1. Superior Design and Durability

image of Volt Go Pack on wood porch

Premium Materials

The reinforced stitching and robust zippers add an extra layer of durability, making it a worthy investment for the long haul.

Toiletry bags get crunched, bumped, thrown, squished, wet, and everything else. You’ll want it to last the distance.

Look for materials that do well under a variety of conditions. As much as we love our luxurious leather bags out there, they shouldn’t get wet. And as much as we like the lightness and crush-ability of canvas, it doesn’t take much to tear it.

Choose something that can do it all. For the exterior, we chose Cordura, a type of ballistic nylon fabric used in protective military gear, motorcycle gear, police gear, and more. It can slide, crush, get wet, and look as good as it did on day one.

We reinforced the stitching, added robust anti-snag zippers, and a cool camo design (or just black). Whichever you like.

Thoughtful Layout

A toiletry bag is only as good as the design is thoughtful. We hate seeing those big single-pocket bags out there where all your tweezers, clippers, Q-tips and anything else gets sucked into and lost forever. It’s lazy.

We wanted the GoPack to do more.

We wanted you to be able to SEE EVERYTHING at a glance and grab only exactly what you need.

This is why we gave the GoPack a fold-out design with multiple varieties of compartments and pockets that can hold anything from your shampoos and body washes to your nail-clippers and deodorant.

2. Exceptional Organization

image of Volt Go Pack open with labels for each section showing carabiner, transparent accessory pocket, 8x elastic bands, 2x transparent mesh pockets, twill polyester interior, removable TSA see-through storage bag, and nylon strap with buckle

Multiple Compartments

A single pouch design is easy, sure, that is, until you need to find something small.

One of the things that helps the GoPack stand out is how many varieties of storage you have for your toiletries. We have zippered clear pockets, elastic straps, mesh pouches, and more.

No more digging through a sea of toiletries to find your razor or toothpaste ever again.

Hang It Anywhere

So, you brought your shampoo, body wash, beard wash, and more grooming essentials. Good for you! But how useful are they just sitting on the sink counter top?

The GoPack has a hook and loop, this way you can hang the pack on any shower or towel rod so everything you need is handy anywhere you need it.

But, what if things can’t get wet? We got you. We included a…

Detachable Pouch

Look, not everything in your toiletry bag can get wet. We get that! Things like Q-Tips and electric razors or trimmers are particularly sensitive to moisture.

So, we made the large clear pocket detachable. This way, you can still keep everything neat and organized, and not have to sacrifice your grooming tools where you need them.

Keep the main pouch with your shampoos, body washes, and shower-necessities in the shower, and place the pouch on the countertop. Easy peasy.

3. Travel-Friendly Features

image of Volt Go Pack open and hanging in shower

Compact and Lightweight

If you’re going to be traveling with something, you’re going to want it to be light and easy to handle.

The benefit of Cordura is that it’s strong, yet remains light. And the benefit of a fold-out design is that it offers lots of space, but can be rolled into a travel-sized package.

Easily fit the GoPack on your carry-on, backpack, or anywhere else and you’ll barely notice it. It’s light, sleek, and takes up the most minimal amount of space while offering the maximum functionality.


When you have a toiletry bag, you want it to be able to go wherever you go, right?

We designed the GoPack in tandem with our travel bottles. They’re perfectly sized to be TSA compliant, allowing you to breeze through airport security.

The transparent detachable pouch is especially useful for storing spill-ables, ensuring you comply with airline laws and regulations.

4. Stylish Aesthetic

Gopackblckweb3 0001 Gopackblckweb2

Sleek and Modern Look

Perhaps what’s less important than functionality for a toiletry bag is the look. That doesn’t mean it has to be ugly, but a sleek modern look is always appreciated alongside functionality.

The GoPack fits this sleek and modern aesthetic very well. Especially with its digital camo design. Even in black, it’s minimalist design ensures it fits alongside any luggage set as a perfect addition to your travel gear.

5. CustomizationGopack Set 0001 Img 5549


Volt Refillable Travel Bottles

The GoPack, despite being useful with a variety of products, works particularly well when partnered with Volt’s refillable travel bottles.

These 80ml bottles are made with durable aluminum, and can be refilled from Volt’s larger bottles or our HUGE 900ml refill packs which lower the cost per oz, and help save the environment by limiting the amount of plastic bottle waste.

To find your perfect GoPack products, take the quiz below.


Ultimately, when it comes to finding the best toiletry bag out there, it’s no lie to say the GoPack stands out. Hopefully, with these tips, you’ll be able to identify what you’re looking for in a toiletry bag and get something that works for you.

If you’re interested in the GoPack, learn more about it with this link HERE. Invest in the GoPack today and experience the ultimate in travel convenience and style. Or grab the GoPack kit and get some travel bottles with he pack at a discount.

Now get traveling!

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