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How To Trim Your Mustache The RIGHT Way

If you’ve been following Volt for a while, whether that be our YouTube channel, IG page, facebook, or anything else, then chances are you know about our love for beards. And that certainly includes your mustache too.

After all, Volt started off as a beard grooming brand, specifically.

And chances are, if you have a beard, then you’ve got a mustache. But, let’s say you’re like me and not exactly thrilled with the way your mustache has grown out in the past.

What can you do about it?

Well, today we’re going to give you some tips on how to trim your mustache to aid it’s growth and give your ‘stache some thickness, volume, and a clean look.

Mustache Trimming Tools

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It might sound contradictory that trimming your beard helps it grow.

However, consistently trimming the ends of your hair (whether that’s beard hair or the hair on your scalp) helps avoid split ends which have a tendency of tearing your beard hair and causing damaging tangles, so, not to worry.

Occasional beard trims are actually very healthy and helps your beard avoid damage.

You’re going to need two things to help trim your mustache.

  1. A small pair of grooming scissors, or an electric trimmer. 
  2. A mustache or beard comb.

Why do you need these things? Well, the first one is obvious. You need something to do the trimming or cutting of your hair.

But having a mustache and/or beard comb is also very important. You see, there’s no point trimming your hair when it’s not lined up correctly in the first place.

Otherwise as you eat, touch your mustache, or do anything anything else, the long hidden away hairs in your ‘stache can begin sticking out where they hadn’t been before, leaving you with a mustache that looks practically untrimmed.

Grooming Scissors

Grooming scissors

grooming scissors

Firstly, use your beard or mustache comb to straighten your mustache hair every once in a while to ensure you’re getting all the stragglers and everything looks clean.

Like I mentioned before, trash in, trash out. If you avoid straightening your mustache hairs, you’ll have to trim again in the near future as the missed hairs start sticking out again.

Straighten once, cut once, as my father always used to say.

If you’re using grooming scissors, you’ll actually want to angle the front of the scissors downwards as you cut.

because scissors typically compress things before slicing them off, it’s easy to cut too much from the top of the mustache if you attempt to keep the scissors “straight” or “flat”.

Angling them downwards like this helps keep the mustache looking dense and full while getting rid of the pesky hairs that extend past the lip from underneath the top hairs.

Again, use the comb to line up the hairs before cutting them.

If you have trouble connecting the sides of your mustache to the rest of the beard, then you’re going to want to keep the sides longer than the rest.

Typically, this is fine because the sides don’t often get in the way of your mouth, but if any hairs do, be sure to trim them away to keep them from ruining the clean look and comfort of the beard.

Electric Trimmer

Electric Shaver and Watch

When it comes to trimming your mustache with an electric trimmer, the process is definitely different.

But not that different. First and foremost, you know the drill, use your comb to straighten those mustache hairs!

When using your electric trimmer, you’re going to have to consider a different angle…literally.

What you’ll want to do is keep your head straight forward, and angle the trimmer so that the “blade” cuts parallel to the floor, straight across, so that all the hair that extends past the top of your lip can be cut off evenly.

The reason you can afford to keep the “blade” angled straight forward here is because these trimmers don’t require large strokes of motion to cut.

Scissors, because they must squeeze together before they cut, have the potential to straight your hairs before cutting them, leaving the hair appearing shorter at rest.

Overall, that’s it. By trimming your mustache this way, you’ll start to notice your mustache looks thicker than usual.

Not because it grew in thicker per se, but because trimming with these techniques helps you avoid from trimming to much or too inconsistently from the top of the mustache, leaving it looking bare or thin.

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