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Energize Your Skin with Volt’s Premium Men’s Body Wash

Everyone talks about caring for your face and hair but less so about your skin in general. And as men, the subject of taking care of your skin is less stressed and more stigmatic than in the woman’s markets.

Here’s the deal. Bar soaps are out and body washes are in. They’ve done us well for a while but there are some glaring problems with bar soaps that body washes simply don’t have.

By the end of this article, we want to explain the details behind the ingredients of body wash, and how Volt’s approach to men’s body wash introduces a new era of cleanliness and rejuvenation.

So, let’s first talk about the differences between bar soaps and body wash before we dive into the ingredients to watch out for in body wash itself.

Bar Soap vs Body Wash

Volt Body Wash Advantage

Bar soaps have been used for quite literally thousands of years. Originally made from animal fats, water, and alkaline substances like lye, modern day bar soaps use fats derived from oils or other sources and an alkaline sourced from sodium hydroxide.

Here’s the breakdown, bar soaps have a nasty tendency to dry out skin and strip away too many oils. Keep in mind, some oils are healthy for skin to maintain a natural stretch and elasticity, however, lots of oil or too little oil is not healthy.

The reason that body washes are superior to bar soaps is due to the nature of their composition. Body washes are able to use ingredients that better help manage oils as opposed to simply stripping them away.

Speaking of ingredients, let’s dive into some of the ingredients in Volt’s body wash and why they were added in the first place. We’ll also talk about some you should look out for to identify lesser quality body washes that might be harsh on skin.

The Science Behind Body Wash Ingredients:

4 Icons representing Sustainability showing cruelty free, paraben free, naturally derived ingredients and phthalate free

Volt’s body wash was created with a few things in mind: Natural ingredients, eco-friendly packaging, and gentler cleansing. It was designed to leave you feeling rejuvenated and hydrated as opposed to dried out.

Here are some of the ingredients therein and what they do:

  1. Aloe: Known for its hydrating properties, aloe penetrates deep into the skin, replenishing moisture and restoring balance. Kiss the harsh-cleanser dryness goodbye, and say hello to smooth, hydrated and healthy skin.
  2. Caffeine: More than just a morning addition to your coffee, caffeine does good work stimulating circulation, reducing inflammation and promoting healthy skin. We’ve added it to Volt’s body wash to amp up and stimulate your morning routine.
  3. Hydrolized Rice Protein: Although the word “hydrolyzed” sounds strange, it’s actually a good thing. A cruelty-free alternative to animal-derived Keratin, hydrolyzed rice protein strengthens and nourishes the skin, providing essential amino acids for optimal health.
  4. Panthenol: Panthenol is known for its moisture-retaining properties which ensures long-lasting hydration, keeping your skin soft and smooth throughout the day.
  5. Moringa Oil: Moringa oil cleanses and detoxifies the skin due to its included antioxidants and essential fatty acids, which leave behind a radiant glow.
  6. Fragrance: Volt’s signature “Drift” scent combines the refreshing aroma of citrus with the invigorating essence of sea salt, transporting you to a coastal paradise with crashing waves and sea spray during every shower.

Why Volt Body Wash Stands Out:

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Not all body washes are created equal. Truth is, there are some common ingredients that you can find in body wash that are dead-ringer giveaways as to the quality and usefulness of it.

The single main ingredient that you want to AVOID in body washes are called sulfates. Sulfates are artificial sulfuric acid salts that are meant to add a foaming agent and are effective cleaners. Sulfates are also cheap, hence their common usage.

So, why are sulfates so bad? Well, they happen to clean a little too well. Like, so well that they strip most of the oils from your skin, causing dryness, irritation, and in some cases, adverse reactions to those with skin conditions.

Volt’s commitment to quality, sustainability, and innovation sets it apart from other body washes on the market. Here’s why Volt Body Wash is a game-changer in men’s grooming:

  1. Premium Ingredients: Formulated with high-quality, natural ingredients, Volt’s Body Wash is free from harsh chemicals, ensuring a gentle yet effective cleanser. For example, Volt uses sulfonates, NOT sulfates. Sulfonates are naturally derived foaming agents and gentle cleaners, that can be derived from coconuts as opposed to being chemically created.
  2. Refillable Packaging: Embracing eco-friendly practices, Volt packages its Body Wash in durable aluminum bottles that can be refilled over and over again with cost-reduced Volt Eco-Refill Packs. This way, you can minimize waste and reduce your environmental footprint.
  3. Travel Sizes: Whether you’re jetting across the globe or embarking on a relaxing weekend getaway, Volt offers travel-sized bottles perfect for on-the-go grooming. Pair that with the Volt GoPack travel kit for a complete grooming solution wherever your adventures may take you.

The interesting thing is, despite the premium ingredients and packaging, Volt is affordable compared to similar premium body washes.


Overall, you should consider Volt if you want to transform your daily shower routine into a rejuvenating experience.

Not all body washes are created equally, and knowing the difference between a bargain budget body wash and a premium body wash is going to save you time, money, and possibly, the longevity of your skin.

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