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Common Myths About Beards BUSTED | The Truth About Facial Hair

Whether you call them myths, wives-tales, or fables, everybody has likely heard some things about their beards or facial hair in general that are simply untrue. Well, today we’re going to bust some of the most common and popular myths about beards and facial hair! Here are 5 common beard myths BUSTED!

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Myth 1: Shaving Makes Hair Grow Back Thicker

Probably one of the most popular misconceptions about beards and facial hair in general is the idea that shaving will cause your hair to grow back thicker and fuller than it otherwise would be if you didn’t shave. Unfortunately, this is simply untrue (although it would be pretty cool if it was this way).

It turns out that your hair grows in a set pattern and at a set thickness as determined by your DNA. Shaving alone won’t actually cause your hair to grow back thicker or darker than before. But why did this myth come about? We think there are two main reasons.

Reason 1: Hair is more noticeable after you’ve shaved.

Once you’ve shaved, you’re spending some time to get used to the clean-shaven look and feel of your face without facial hair. When that hair inevitably grows back, it’s much more noticeable and feels much more rough than a clean shaven face does, causing you to potentially perceive your hair as being thicker.

Reason 2: Shaving increases the surface area of the top of the strand of hair.

Modern day multi-blade razors actually cut hair below the surface of the skin due to the multi-blade design. One blade pulls the hair sideways and slightly raised from the skin while the other blades cut the hair diagonally. A diagonal cut creates more surface area on the tip of the hair and therefore causes the appearance of a thicker strand until the hair grows out enough to notice no change.

Myth 2: Beard Oil Helps You Grow A Thicker Beard

Volt Beard Oil

Now don’t get us wrong here, beard oil definitely has its benefits, but helping you grow a larger, fuller, and thicker beard is definitely not a typical one. Most brands out there like to market their beard oil as “beard growth oil” but this is a little deceptive.

The only thing we know of so far that has been clinically proven to promote hair growth is an ingredient called Minoxidil. This is the active ingredient in things like Bosley, Rogaine, and other hair growth products and supplements. As far as I have researched, none of the “beard growth oil” brands out there contain minoxidil, or anything other than standard natural oils.

Beard oil is amazing when used with the expectation of softening, hydrating, and promoting beard and skin health. It can even help reduce redness, dryness, flaking, and other side effects of dry skin and hair. However, expecting beard oil to help you grow a thicker beard, fill patches, or make your beard grow faster is going to lead you to disappointment.

Myth 3: Beards Keep You Warm

Screen Shot 2022 07 15 At 2.55.03 Pm

A lot of people believe that growing a beard helps keep you warm in the same way that clothes do. Although a beard can keep you warm in certain circumstances, it does so in a completely different way than clothes do.

Clothes are meant to trap heat and create a warm pocket of air around our bodies, that pocket of air helps keep us warm. A beard , on the other hand, works a bit differently. According to a study titled “Hair Density, Wind Speed, and Heat Loss in Mammals” it requires 1,000 hairs per square centimeter to effectively prevent heat loss. For example, humans only have 200-300 hairs per square centimeter.

Not to mention, the study also states that hair is a very poor insulator. What hair does do, however, is cover and protect an area of bare skin. Having a beard works by protecting your skin from the elements. It keeps the sun off your face directly where heat can be felt by your nerve endings. It also helps keep snow and the elements away from your bare skin which is what may provide truth to the “beards keep you warm” claim.

The truth is, a beard simply regulates your temperature instead of augmenting or adding to it. And it does so by providing cover, shade, and a barrier between the weather and your skin.

Myth 4: You Can’t Fix A Patchy Beard

Volt Instant Beard Color

One of the more discouraging myths out there is one that claims that patches are forever and are never to be remedied effectively, fortunately however, this is untrue! A patchy beard is the cause of many bearded men’s anxiety and desire for a fuller and more proportioned beard. Well, here are some things to keep in mind about patchy areas in your beard!

Patches certainly don’t have to be forever, depending on the patch. Hair growth and placement is largely determined by your genetics, a patchy area with no hair growth is likely never going to grow hair, however, this usually isn’t the problem for most men! Most often, a man who tries to grow a beard will see “patches” in terms of hair that grows slowly and not hair that doesn’t grow at all.

Put simply, just because the hair on your cheeks doesn’t grow quite as fast as the hair elsewhere doesn’t mean that you can’t rock an awesome beard! It’ll take some patience and proper grooming to get your beard to look good and full during the growing process. Simply trim the longer areas of your beard to match the shorter areas until the short areas have a chance to grow out longer. This will keep your beard looking proportionate and tidy during the growth process!

But, let’s say that your patches don’t seem to grow in much at all, and you’re still after that full bearded look. Well, a quick brush with some Volt Instant Beard Color can actually help fill out some of those more patchy areas.

Myth 5: Beards Change Who You Are

Man Touching Beard

To those out there who think that a beard will make you cooler or fundamentally different as a person, I have some unfortunate news. While beards do work wonders for making men look more stylish, they will not change who you are as a person. The idea that a beard will make you this or that is the cause of many myths. A beard may cause you to feel a confidence boost for a while as you get used to how you look as a bearded member of society, but they do not miraculously transform people.

The only person who defines you is you. Don’t try to grow a beard out of external motivations or for any reason other than that you actually enjoy them and want to rock the bearded style!

All in all, myths exist out there for a reason, but hopefully with these tips and tidbits of info, you’ll be knowledgeable and caught up with all the common misconceptions about beards and facial hair in the world!

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