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Top 5 Tips for Growing Your Beard The Right Way

Growing a beard is no easy feat, and with the increasing popularity of facial hair in today’s world, more people are trying to grow their beards now than ever before. So, in light of all this beard popularity, we at VOLT thought we would create a list of the best beard-growing tips that everyone should keep in mind when growing their beards!

So, let’s get started with beard-growing tip #1!

Beard Growing Tip #1: Have The Right Tools

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As men, we understand that tools are everything when we need to get a job done. Without having the right tools, we have to improvise, adapt, and overcome everything that normally wouldn’t (or shouldn’t) be an obstacle. Put simply, life gets easier with the right tools.

To anyone who is planning on growing out their beard, here are some BARE MINIMUM tools you will need either now or down the line.

  • Beard Trimmer/Clippers (Preferably with adjustable guards to control hair length)
  • Grooming Scissors
  • Beard Comb/Brush

Without these tools, you might as well give up on growing and maintaining a beard easily. Beard trimmers help you structure and maintain the shape of your beard through every growth phase. Grooming scissors help you trim your mustache hair perfectly. And the beard comb and brush align the hair for a clean look after shaving or applying a styling product like beard balm or beard wax.

Invest in these tools and you’ll make your beard growing/maintenance 100 times easier!

Beard Growing Tip #2: Don’t Shave

It sounds contrary to the point of having a grooming tool like beard clippers, but this point gets a pass because it has a special purpose. To anyone who is unfamiliar with their facial hair growth, you will want to grow out your beard for 1-2 months before trimming a single hair. Here is why this is extremely important…

  1. Without letting your beard grow for a decent length of time, you won’t know what beard styles you can pull off or what kind of fullness to expect from your beard growth.
  2. Trimming your beard before getting an idea of where there might be patchy or thin areas increases the potential for misshapen beard lines that won’t grow out evenly.

Ultimately, this step is about establishing a baseline on which you can manage and shape your beard hair any way that suits you and is realistic for your beard growth.

Beard Growing Tip #3: Choose a Beard Style

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In tandem with the first tip, this tip is all about getting to know which beard styles you can (or can’t) pull off. Unfortunately, genetics has a large part to play when determining how your beard grows and what kind of beard styles will work for you.

Occasionally, someone may not be able to pull off the full-beard look due to large patches or thin areas. by growing out your beard in step 1, you’ll know far more about the kind of beard styles you can pull off, and you’ll be able to choose one appropriately.

Some simple google research can help you find the best beard style for you depending on the fullness of your beard as well as your face shape. For example, those with trouble growing the sides of their beards may do well with a goatee or other beard variant. However, choosing a beard style is necessary when moving on to the next step as it will become the basis for all your beard maintenance and grooming!

Beard Growing Tip #4: Trim Evenly

Here’s a tip for everyone whose beards grow unevenly. Keep in mind that uneven does NOT mean patchy. An uneven beard is one with areas that grow at a different rate than other areas. Patchy beards have areas in which hair barely grows at all.

Most people have an uneven beard at some point in the beard-growing process. Personally, I have trouble with my mustache that grows slower than my beard does. No matter which part of your beard grows faster or slower than other parts, here’s how to solve this issue:

It’s a slow process, but to keep your beard growing evenly and aesthetically, you will want to trim only the areas with fast growth to match the areas of slow growth. put simply, trim the longer parts of your beard to match the shorter parts. Over time, as the hair grows you can increase the length of your beard without going through that traditionally awkward beard growth phase.

Here’s an example: My mustache grows slower than my beard, and will look awkward if I keep growing out my beard with my mustache lagging behind. So, I will always trim my beard but skip on trimming my mustache. This way, my mustache has time to grow further and still matches my beard length causing everything to look tidy and uniform!

Beard Growing Tip #5: Maintenance


Your new beard will require maintenance and some TLC (tender loving care). Without knowing how to maintain and care for your beard, you will be doing yourself a huge disservice and only benefit from part of the beard experience.

We’re talking about way more than basic trimming here! We’re talking about keeping your beard both looking healthy and feeling healthy. How can we do that? Simple, with some basic beard care products.

Chances are you’ve heard of dedicated beard products like beard oil before, many people have. But there is a litany of other beard products with different properties that should be used as well!

  • Beard Oil: Great for conditioning, softening and moisturizing your beard.
  • Beard Balm: Great for moisturizing, softening and styling your beard.
  • Beard/Mustache Wax: Great for styling your beard.
  • Beard Color: Great for styling your beard.

If you’re curious about which Volt beard products are right for you, click the button below to take a short quiz!

Choose the products you need depending on what your specific needs are. I tend to reach for beard balm due to its moisturizing and styling ability. However, your needs may be entirely different. The key is to make sure your beard stays hydrated and soft, forgetting to do so may result in irritated or flaking skin and redness.

All in all, growing your beard takes time, patience, and effort. But the results are worth it to those who rock their beards every day and make it a part of their style!


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