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Volt Instant Beard Color vs 1-Day Beard and Brow Color

With the surge of new men’s grooming products hitting the market in recent years, there comes one product that revolutionizes the beard and brow coloring landscape: Brush-on beard and brow

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1 day beard and brow color

1 Day Beard and Brow Color | How It Works

The beard color industry has seen a massive shift since the days of dyes only. Nowadays, there are more temporary and controllable beard coloring options out there that don’t require

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Beard Dye vs Temporary Beard Color: What’s The Difference?

At first glance, you may think that beard dyes and beard color are the same thing. They sound synonymous, after all, but the differences between beard dyes and temporary beard

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All Volt Instant Beard Color Kits Explained

In the greater world of beard color, none are quite so easy and customizable as Volt. But if you have spent any time on Volt’s website then you probably realize

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How To Color a Short Beard/Stubble Beard

With the popularity of the short beard or “stubble” beard on the rise, more and more men are wondering how they can color these types of beards to retain a

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Beard Coloring: A Guide To Choosing The Perfect Beard Color

Whether you are new to the art of beard grooming or a seasoned beard-veteran with the experience to match, choosing the right beard coloring that meets your needs can be

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