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Recycling doesn't work

Why “Recyclable Materials” Are Killing The Environment

Head into your bathroom right now and tell us just how many bottles or containers of your favorite products say they use “recyclable or recycled materials.” Chances are, many of

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Beard Wash

The Importance of Beard Wash | Beard Wash vs Shampoo

If you’ve been rocking a beard for any amount of time, chances are high that you’ve experienced some common problems that come along with beards. Mainly, beard dryness, redness, itching,

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recycling or refilling

Refilling vs Recycling | Which Is Better For The Environment?

Lately, we’ve had to deal with a lot of impact that irresponsible and unsustainable business practices have placed on the earth. Mainly, the relatively recent increase in the production of

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Shaving Cream vs Clear Shave Gel

Clear Shave Gel vs Shaving Cream | Which is Better?

For decades, foamy shaving creams have taken over the market and found their way into the homes of most men. However, since the recently increased popularity of facial hair, there’s

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Lifestyle Box Photo 2

Volt Instant Beard Color vs 1-Day Beard and Brow Color

With the surge of new men’s grooming products hitting the market in recent years, there comes one product that revolutionizes the beard and brow coloring landscape: Brush-on beard and brow

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All new volt Grooming products

All-New Volt Grooming Products!

Volt Grooming is proud to announce an array of all-new products that we’ve added to our men’s grooming lineup! From beard wash to aftershave (and more), we’ve released a variety

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